Master Certification Course - Technical Author, Illustrator & Writer

Master Certification Course - Technical Author, Illustrator & Writer

About Technical Author

A technical author is responsible for writing specialist information about products and services, and how they work. They have to explain how things are used in a way that is easy to understand. The information may be presented in the form of user guides for software applications, reference and instruction manuals for appliances, training guides, instructional videos or online help incorporated into software and operating guides.

As a technical author, need to understand the product or applications and then design and write documentation to explain it to users. They may also provide this information in various other forms including software demos and interactive tutorials, wikis, blogs and podcasts, using video, illustrations and graphics.

About Technical Illustrator

A technical illustrator is someone who creates technical images within a document that are specifically meant to communicate or reiterate the accurate information within the document. Technical illustrators work with non-technical audiences, so while their imagery needs to be professional, it also needs to reach a variety of audiences

About Technical Writer

A technical writer is a professional writer that communicates complex information. They create technical documentation that includes things like instruction manuals, user manuals, journal articles, quick reference guides, and white papers. Essentially, technical writers break down complex technical products into easy-to-understand guides that help the end-user understand how to use the products and services.

Technical authors, Illustrator and Writer work for a range of industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Banking and Finance, Construction, Consumer Products, Defence, Education, Energy,